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Degree Audiovisual Communication and Journalism    

The Degree of Audiovisual Communication and Journalism (CPAV), which began the 2009/2010 academic year in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Lleida, the definitive consolidation of audiovisual media studies and journalism at the Faculty, which started in the 2003/2004 course with a second cycle degree.

The degree CPAV is structured according to a clear logic, and we understand that very relevant to the pedagogical effectiveness: in the first the most introductory courses or general subjects are taught, not only in the theoretical field but also in the more applied field. The teacher grade curriculum is very comprehensive in terms of the areas that may be useful for the formation of a professional future of communication and journalism, understood areas in a very broad sense. Further, the training aims to reveal very different areas of interest among our students.

Most teaching degree in CPAV corresponds to the subjects that are specific mandatory: nineteen in total, spread over four years, equivalent to 142.5 credits. In addition, the student must take three compulsory subjects of the Faculty of Letters, between first and second (22.5 credits), an elective course also Faculty (6 credits) and six electives and grade specific subjects; in the latter area, the student can choose between two thematic blocks of subjects that involve an initial specialization and begin to prepare to take the master will soon College offered in the field of communication and journalism. Finally, graders are required to take fourth, 30 credits between work EOG and the practicum; the latter will do so in public institutions and private companies, the importance to us applied knowledge of the professional world.

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